Pioneer Novel Analytical & Biological Assays & Tools to Robustly Characterize Safety, Consistency & Efficacy of Your mRNA Therapeutics & Vaccines for Accelerated Approval

February 14-16, 2023 | Boston MA

Welcome to the 2nd mRNA Analytical Development Summit: Trailblazing Advanced Analytics for Superior mRNA Therapeutics & Vaccines

Built with biopharmaceutical industry insights, this in-person conference will delve into novel analytical and biological assays for optimized purity, safety, and efficacy to overcome the challenges of consistent and stable analytical testing and producing scalable and cost-effective techniques for rapid development, approval and commercialization of safe and efficacious mRNA-based therapeutics and vaccines.

Expert Speakers Include:

Emnet Yitbarek

Theresa Goletz

Lawrence Thompson

Yurong Guo

Stefan Heinz

Siddharth Bhoraskar

Uniting 80+ Senior Scientists, Directors, and Heads of Analytical Development, Quality Control, CMC & Regulatory – join us in Boston alongside pioneering speakers from innovative biopharma and KOLs of academia. Avoid missing out on networking with those shaping the landscape of novel and emerging analytical tools and technologies for mRNA-based therapeutics and vaccines. Meet your community face-to-face in 2023 to hear how they address the major challenges facing the industry:

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Explore Emerging Technologies & Novel Analytical Approaches for mRNA Therapeutics & Vaccines

With mRNA therapeutics and vaccines disrupting the industry, hear from the likes of Beam Therapeutics, Merck, and Pfizer on where innovation is expected to come from and discuss the opportunities emerging analytical and biological technologies offer over traditional methods

Improve Chemical-Based Assays & Nanoformulation for RNA-based Vaccines & Therapeutics

This meeting will shine the spotlight on novel analytical techniques for RNA-based therapeutics and vaccines and emerge into innovating nanoformulation as well as unravel the interaction between the drug product and cell with research institutes and companies including GSK, MIT, and CureVac

Understand Regulatory Expectations & Establish Clinical Success with Emerging Assays & Analytical Tools

Explore the FDA’s personal perspective of common mistakes observed in regulatory submissions for analytical method validation and real-world examples of physicochemical methods previously submitted for biological drug testing

Overcome Scale-Up Challenges & Emerge into Bioanalytical Immunology

Discuss how to overcome analytical and scale-up challenges of emerging RNA modalities and how to find the balance between high immunoreactivity and low toxicity with insights from Ziphius Vaccines, BioNTech, and Replicate Bioscience

Delve into Advancements in Innovative Characterization Tools for mRNA-Based Therapeutics & Vaccines

Delve into pioneering approaches to characterize and purify RNA in lipid nanoparticles intended for base editing with Beam Therapeutics, Arcturus Therapeutics, and Seqirus


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