About the Event

The 4th mRNA Analytical Development Summit will return to address the lack of a clear framework for mRNA drug substance and formulation analytical development and manufacturing post-COVID is holding biopharma back – on top of the increasing costs to ensure high quality and effective drugs are produced.

With increasing pressure on drug development timelines, it is crucial to access novel, optimized and high-throughput analytical methods to guarantee the approval and commercialization of safe and efficacious mRNA therapeutics and vaccines.

Addressing key challenges such as mRNA quality, yield and stability as well as heterogeneity, encapsulation and biodistribution of nanoparticles, this annual meeting is the only industry-led forum to dive into the latest analytical technologies, techniques and challenges to align with regulatory expectations and ensure safety for patients.

Hot Sessions Included:

  • The next generation of novel analytical approaches being developed and implemented by industry leaders consider the identity, safety, and efficacy, potency and characterisation of promising mRNA medicines
  • The landscape of mRNA medicines as it exists without reference documents and standardized guidelines, and together we consider designing and adopting novel methods to better understand the identity, characteristics, purity, and potency of medicinal compounds
  • The importance of quantifying and studying dsRNA and relative immunogenicity towards an effective mRNA medicine, considering tried and tested assessment approaches

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