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Hear from our Speakers:

“The meteoric rise of RNA vaccines in the very recent years still needs to be better supported by the development of next generation analytical tools to understand and quantify fully the performance of these vaccines, to allow us to build on them and improve their performance beyond pandemic response”
 - Derek O’Hagan, Senior Advisor R&D, GSK

“Opportunity to see how others are tackling the regulatory challenges of RNA analytics”
- Andrew Geall, Chief Development Officer, Replicate Biosciences

“I am excited to share my results and hear about new trajectories the field is moving towards.”
- Mohammad Safari, Head of Analytical Biochemistry, Seqirus

“After the recent COVID-19 vaccine approvals by US FDA, mRNA-based therapeutics have demonstrated their superior efficacy and minimal side-effects for patients suffering from serious diseases. This industry-dedicated technical forum will provide an excellent platform to meet leading industry experts and showcase how challenges faced in development of mRNA-based therapeutics are being addressed using latest analytical techniques”
- Siddharth Bhoraskar, Scientist II, Analytical Sciences, Beam Therapeutics

“Recent success of mRNA vaccines has renewed the general appreciation for vaccines as powerful public health tools and brought disruptive change to all aspects of vaccine development. This meeting will bring together experts in the field to discuss new and old “tools in the toolbox’ for analytical and bioanalytical support of vaccine characterization and development, identify current and emerging best practices and showcase technologies in use and yet to be fully explored”
- Theresa Goletz, Global Head, Analytical Immunology & Cellular Platform, GSK