Exploring the Next Generation of RNAs & Discussing the Current State of Associated Analytical Methods to Better Understand RNA & Achieve Successful Applications Towards Effective mRNA Therapeutics

Time: 12:01 pm
day: Pre-Conference Day


In recent years, research into RNA has been expanding rapidly, revealing new insights into their structure, function, and potential uses. Despite the growing interest in RNA, however, there is still much to be learned about these molecules, particularly when it comes to their analytical methods. While there are a variety of techniques available for studying RNA, such as RNA sequencing and Northern blotting, many of these methods have limitations and can be difficult to use. As a result, scientists are constantly exploring new ways to analyse RNA, both to better understand its role in the cell and to develop new applications for this versatile molecule.

Join this session to discuss:

• The differences between techniques used for circular RNA compared to those used for standard mRNA

• The potential of self-amplifying RNA as the new effective vaccine technology

• The advantages of using siRNA therapy compared to conventional antiviral drugs and delve into the potential ways to deliver siRNA-based treatments

• How we can align RNA technologies with mRNA analytical methods to create more effective and efficient treatments for a variety of diseases