Heinrich Haas

Heinrich Haas

Company: Johannes Gutenberg Universität

Job title: Scientist


Advanced Characterization Approaches for Quality Control of LNP Formulation 12:00 pm

What considerations should be taken into account when formulating LNPs for various types of therapeutic payloads, such as mRNA, siRNA, or small molecules? Addressing concerns related to immune response, biodistribution, and targeted delivery  What strategies can be employed to improve the encapsulation of mRNA molecules within LNPs?Read more

day: Day Two

How to Create a Reference Document to Supplement Industry Regulatory Guidance 9:01 am

In the dynamic and rapidly evolving landscape of mRNA therapeutics, the development of a comprehensive reference document that supplements industry regulatory guidance is a vital tool for ensuring the safe and effective development of these groundbreaking treatments. In order to do so, we can look at the entire process from research and development to clinical…Read more

day: Pre-Conference Day

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