Siddharth Bhoraskar

Siddharth Bhoraskar

Company: Beam Therapeutics

Job title: Scientist II, Analytical Sciences


De-risk mRNA Adduct Formation in Lipid Nanoparticle Formulation Intended for Glycogen Storage Disease Type-1a Using Base Editing 1:00 pm

Development and optimization of reversed phase chromatography method for determining the ratio of mRNA:sgRNA encapsulated in lipid nanoparticles Using ion-paired reversed-phase chromatography as a tool to demonstrate an absence of base modifications (adduct formation) on mRNA when incubated with proprietary ionizable lipid Oxidation and other modifications on RNA determined by LC-MSRead more

day: Day One

Panel Discussion:What does the Future Landscape of the Analytical Field of mRNA Therapeutics & Vaccines Look Like? 11:00 am

Emerging analytical tools, and where is innovation expected to come from? Outlining the advantages and opportunities emerging analytical and biological technologies offer over traditional methods Drawing cross-learnings from different systems to overcome overlapping challenges and improve the analytical development and accelerate the clinical progression Optimizing analytical tools for other RNA modalities for enhanced therapeutic valueRead more

day: Day One

Improving Analytical Tools for Development and Control of Nucleic Acid Therapeutics to ensure Safety & Efficacy 1:00 pm

This workshop focuses on the current state and future perspectives of the bioanalytical tools for control of genetic vaccines during development and (GMP) manufacturing. It defines potential bottlenecks regarding the actual analytical panel, and outlines options for advancements which could allow for more efficient control with regard to quality, time, costs and logistics. This interactive…Read more

day: Workshop B

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